Grupės 18-to gimtadienio nuotraukos kartu su daina "Nors nebūtinai" is 1998 m. albumo "Naujas"
    Photos of AIRIJA performing at Be2gether 2009 >>
    Airija reborn for only one performance at be2gether festival on June 12th.

    All members of the band AIRIJA unofficialy met in Kaunas Mazasis Theatre at NOJUS & EIMA concert on April 4th, 2009. ASTA and KOKA were invited on stage during performance of the song "Pasaka" and all sang the last lyrics of the song. This is happened 6 and half years after the last concert in Dublin - band`s 10th Anniversary at the time.
    On April 10th AIRIJA met again at Nojus Band concert and played song "vejas lange" in front of amazed audience.
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